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TDS Xiaomi Tester IPX6 TDS clean water tester
The TDS Xiaomi Tester IPX6 TDS water tester pen can check the quality of the water, the device will show whether the water is safe enough to use. The Xiaomi water tester reacts with organic ...
TDS & EC Test Pen Clean Water And Conductivity
The TDS & EC Clean Water and Conductivity Pen, also known as the water purity tester, is an indispensable tool in every household. Helping users save money and time in water testing, helping users to ...
In-Line Meters
pH / EC / TDS meters with visual alarm Manufacturer: HANNA Instruments - USA Application : process monitoring pH, TDS, EC (IN-LINE) Operation : in-line measurement, LCD display, visual alarm when ...
TDS-3 water tester
The clean water tester is a device used to measure Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Based on this parameter, it can be determined whether the water being used is safe for human health or not. TDS - ...
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