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Note the use of water pumps for household

Whenever the dry season , there is enough water to use , not at home to take to the water pump , especially in the cities. Want to save electricity and prolong the life of water pumps , while we used to note :
 - The amount of electricity used to pump water depends on the water flow , thickness and absorbency . If the push , the bigger draw more power consuming .
Also, if the ducts are dirty , many board , couplings , pipe causing long since led away obstacles as well as power consumption .
When the nozzle is detached or inconclusive , there is air in the water can not be drawn .
Note the use of water pumps for household
Placement pump water higher than necessary to absorb the full portion of water to attract prey ( must have one-way valves ) , the new water suction .
No water , but the water pump , the machine will still run hot and fail.
Not enough water for the water pump or water pump pushes the water drained away ( by the main pump , the water height to put up big ... ) , the heat pump also result in damage to the machine . The chilled water pump water pump have often allowed maximum temperature is 400C , if higher temperatures will damage the pump . The higher the temperature , the pumping efficiency of the cell decreases .
Buy pump voltage for the engine, it should be noted flow pump , to bring water to the height , placement pump to suction versus water . Need to buy a high performance pump can take little more power . Need water suction pumps are buying small thickness , large absorption . Water is kind pushers buy large thickness , small absorption .
Note: the end of the first valve nozzle always placed in mesh shielding for no foreign objects in pump damage . Pump casing , motor casing to bare , shielded not impede air cooling water pumps and its engine . Note ground wire or ground if placed pump fixed . Regular maintenance of pumps , motors , gearboxes , bearings have adequate lubrication .

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